Norges sjømatråd: Foto: Marius Fiskum © Norges sjømatråd


Welcome to Norway and to Europe’s most extraordinary scenery with breathtaking locations. Summer nights that are as bright as day and crisp, snowy winters make Norway the location with a difference.

The Norwegian landscape that turned Norwegians into Vikings, adventurers and explorers, is breathtakingly spectacular. Add to this the incandescent light of Norwegian summers and the vast snow-covered expanses of winter, phenomena such as the Midnight Sun and the fascinating light show of the aurora borealis, and you have a combination that makes Norway a setting with the potential to really give your film an exceptional look.

Norway extends across 22 degrees of latitude, and measures 2.500 kilometers from northern islands of Svalbard to southern tip of the mainland. This gives a variation in landscape, vegetation and climate seldom found.

Norway is one of the few countries in the world where the distinctions between the seasons are so clearly drawn. Yet in some parts of the country you can experience winter and summer at the same time. This makes for wonderful changes in the light conditions – from the northern lights of winter to the eternal daylight of summer.


The Norwegian funding system has three possible routes to get public finance for shooting foreign films in Norway:


By co-producing under bi- or multilateral treaties we can access the Norwegian Film Institute and apply for up to €400.000 in support subsidies. The film will need to pass a so called culture test and to achieve that Norwegian talent and crew should be attached in addition to locations and facilities.


There are a number of regional funds and film centres  that can support projects that come to their region to shoot.


Norway also has an incentive program for foreign productions that gives a 25% spend rebate. The rebate has to be applied for prior to shooting. The rebate can be combined with funding from regional funds, but is not available for productions applying for funds  under the bi- or multilateral treaties from the Norwegian Film Institute.